Global Partners

Along with nurturing our customer relations, we also credit our success largely to our global partners of whom we have shared trust, loyalty, mutual respect and common vision and values. Herewith, we strive to keep these virtues with us as the core strength to our achievements.

Our Long-Term Partners:

  • Famous French apples producers, Blue Whale since 1970
  • USA Apple producers, Stemilt since 1995
  • Australian Number one carrot producers, Sumich since 1972
  • USA based fresh grapes exporter, Sunview Marketing since 1995
  • New Zealand Premium Apple Producers, Mr. Apple since 2008
  • US Pears since 1985
  • We are Valuable Customer of APL SHIPPING LINE since 1984
  • the leading Philippines’ branded pineapple grower and exporter, S&W Fine Foods International Limited since 2008
  • Australian fresh fruits grower, BGP International Pty Ltd since 1985
  • US Washing Apple Commission since 1985
  • We are a Golden Customer of MAERSK Shipping line since 2001
  • Brazilian poultry producer, AGROGEN since 2013