Grape is one of our main products which we have available all the year from different countries. We import grapes depend on the season mainly from Chile, USA, South Africa. We import many different varieties including Red Glob, Autumn Royal, Crimson, Black and White.
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We import lots of citrus including Oranges (navel, valencia, cara cara), Lemons, Easy Peelers (Mandarin, Clementine, Satsuma), Grapefruit, Pomelo and Lime from all over the world and mainly from South Africa, Egypt, USA, Australia, China. Also we import all available sizes for our local and export customers.
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We import a high volume of pears every year mainly from USA, South Africa, Chile, China and other countries depend on the season.
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Apple is the main fruit in our portfolio, we import more than 1000 containers of apple mainly from USA, France, Chile, South Africa, Italy, China, Uruguay and other countries. We import almost all varieties but the main varieties include Royal Gala, Green Smith, Golden, Red, Fuji, Pink Lady and...
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